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The Public Delivery Track


Welcome to The Public Delivery Track

"O" gauge model trains, 2 and 3 rail..Atlas, Weaver, Golden Gate, Sunset/3rd rail, MTH, K-line, Williams, Lionel.  Specializing in full scale models of the real railroads. We have "old, new stock" going back 20 years, call  or email for specific wants.  "We know trains"..Thanks for your business!  You can email us at, or call 805-226-0320 between 10am and 3pm PACIFIC TIME



The Latest News

Aug 27, 2016...Weaver 20' containers, now being produced by Atlas, have arrived in Evergreen, MOL, K-Line, and Hanjin.  Also The Rio Grande Trainman 60' passenger cars have finally arrived.  We will be sending out invoices for pre-orders for these items on monday.

Other items that have arrived in the past few months...and we have in stock..Atlas Trainman 60' passenger cars in NH, NYC, C&O, SF, CNJ/NJDOT, CNW, CBQ.  Also 25,000 and 11,000 gal tank cars, 50' PS-1 box cars, 60' auto parts box cars, 48' Pines trailers, and California Zephyr Dome cars.

All new Atlas items announced thru the end of 2016 are now on the website, available for pre-order.

Weaver...We bought a large amount of weaver stock when they closed last year.  We have in stock 57' mechanical reefers, Milwaukee road ribbed side box cars, 50' plug door box cars, 50' tank cars, and H31 Covered hopper cars that were in stock when they closed. Also we have over 1000 other weaver cars in stock.   Also available for pre-order are Weaver troop cars, and B&O wagon top box cars, which are going to be manufactured by Atlas.


 Feb 16, 2016....Getting caught up.  Started putting up more Golden Gate depot passenger cars that we have in stock, on the web. 
After that we will to get more Atlas engines up for sale. The shipping routine has come down to mostly on mondays and fridays. (School takes up most of tues-wed-thurs. ) 

Feb 10, 2016.  Running 1-2 weeks behind on shipping.   Too much going on in my life. You wanna hear...You got an hour?

Atlas...52' gondolas, PS-2 40' covered hoppers, and the U23b's that we've waiting for, for 4 years, have arrived.  Some people who ordered these engines years ago, have not responded to us.  What we currently have in stock is on the website. I'm trying to get all the new Atlas pre-orders up on the site too.  A lot are already there.  Golden Gate Depot....Have a number of the modernized heavyweight cars in stock.  They are boxed in 4 car sets, but we are selling them individually, If you don;t mind them just packed in styrafoam. We also have some older GGD passenger cars in stock....I need to check what we have had get them back up on the web.

Jan 2, 2016.  Happy new year to everyone.  Here's the latest....Atlas 40' reefers, 62' bulkhead flat cars, and 68' flat cars have arrived.  We will be sending notices to those who pre-ordered, shortly. All have a number of Golden Gate Modernized Heavyweight passenger cars here.  Hoping to get them up on the web this week, too.

Arriving in a week or 2 will be the Atlas 40' PS-2 covered hopper cars, 52' gondolas, and Believe it or not, U23b's that everyone ordered years ago.                                                                      New pre-orders up on the web...Atlas Troop Sleeper cars (The Weaver troop sleepers; Atlas bought the molds), and 8000 gallon tank cars.  These are all up on the website for pre-order. 

Personally, not that u asked, I'm in rehearsals for Niel Simons "The Dinner Party",  School starts next week for the spring, already...and I've got a pretty hefty schedule in drama and music.  So this should be interesting!

NOV 15, 2015.....Now shipping Atlas California Zephyr Baggage cars and Dome/lounge/dorm cars.   If you have these cars on pre-order, please do not call us and ask about the cars.  We are in the process of shipping now.  Next we will ship the Latest Atlas Coil cars, and bay window cabooses.  Thanks for your patience.

Sept 3, 2015....Our shipping guy has been out sick all week, so things are backed up, not that that is unusual. Luckily, its the slow time of the year, and we are only behind by about 10 orders.  Atlas 17,000 gallon tank cars arrived yesterday, so we should start shipping them out next week.  Also we have started shipping the GGD modernized heavyweight cars. We should finish shipping them next week.

In other news that most of u don't cars about...I'm in Steel Magnolias for 3 more weeks of performances, Vocal jazz workshop and jazz ensemble started in August and go thru Dec.,  just picked up 2 singing gigs in Sept., back to doing stand-up about once a week, and, auditions for a number of shows coming up.  Its all a lot of work, but worth it. 


August 10, 2015...

      Atlas California Zephyr, Amtrak and Alaska Railroad Dome cars are now up on the web site for pre-order. They will probably arrive in about a year. 

August 9, 2015.....

       My dad is in the hospital and will pass with a few days.  He is 94, and the body just doesn't last forever.  My mom has big time memory loss, so she needs to be taken care of too, and there will be a lot to do. (Not to mention 4 performing arts classes a week, and I'm in Steel Magnolias thru the end of Sept.)

Thanks for your thoughts, but what I really need is for everyone to be patient about receiving their orders. We are about 20 orders behind right now, and we have pre-orders for 60' auto parts box cars, PS4750's, trainman 40' sliding door box cars, and GGD heavyweights to get out. All those items are here, we just need to fill pre-orders for them.  If u need an item for a present or a special event, please let us know.  Also I will try to get all new Atlas items that will be announced thru december, 2015, up on the web site.  This will include more California Zephyr dome cars, PS-1 50' box cars, NE-6 cabooses, PS4427 covered hoppers, 89' flat cars and trailers, Trinity 5161 covered hoppers, 11,000 gal tank cars, another run of trainman 40' box cars, and others I'm forgetting right now.   Also we have a lot of new special run cars up for pre-orders....8000 gal tank cars, 40' box cars, and other stuff.    Thanks,    Beth



      August 1, 2015:

       The following cars have been shipped for all who pre-ordered, with just a few exceptions for those we are still waiting for payment from.   If you pre-ordered and have not received your cars, please email us at  We do have extras, so we can still take care of anyone whose order was lost in the cracks.

Atlas O California Zephyr Dome observation cars and 6-5 sleepers                        Golden Gate "Finish" sets  (4 car sets)

Now shipping: Atlas O: Morristown and Erie Box cars, Susquehanna Box cars, Nevada Northern Hopper cars, PS4750s, 40' sliding door box cars.  Shipping later this month:
Golden Gate Modernized heavyweight coaches.

Weaver Models closing.....The weaver models closing was very sudden and quick.  Announcement to shutdown was 2 weeks, with another 2 weeks alloted to shipping outstanding orders.  We had to scramble to get what we could.   We did manage to get the remainder of the MILW ribbed side box cars, the 40' wood side gondolas, 40' tank cars, PRR/PC/CR H30 covered hopper cars, tropicana 57' reefers, and a smattering of other stuff.NOTE:  Since the Weaver trucks/couplers and car bodies were manufactured separately, the trucks were added to the cars as ordered.  In the end, there were 1000+ more car bodies remaining than trucks/couplers.  If you have Weaver trucks and couplers, metal or plastic, just letting u know that they will be in short supply.  Especially the diecast ones.  We would like to get another 1000 pair ourselves, but its just not possible right now.  I guess we'll see what happens.....


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