February 1, 2021

Posted by Beth on 1st Feb 2021

Well...we made it thru the storms last week....The same one thats dumping snow on the Northeast.Now...on the way..

Atlas ...40' reefers as mentioned previously. (not the beer cars yet) arriving this week. Invoices for pre-orders have been sent out. coming in a month are the PS4750's and 53' Evans double plug door box cars. Bathtub gonds that got here last week...we have maybe a dozen left.

MTH..coming next week...(All premier) some 40' ARA and 50' sliding door (1950's) box cars, offset hopper cars, at 60' flats with Humvees and Strykers (just green right now) Engines...Santa Fe F-3's, CP purple SD70Ace, WAB SD70Ace, CNW torpedo Geep 7. Railking scale...LV GP9 and Washington Terminal RS-1's.

Most everything is sold out at MTH and Atlas, as everyone is keeping production right at the order numbers.Thanks,beth